Moonlit Groove Affair

22/02/2024 8:15 am – 11:45 pm EVENY CLUB – BERLIN

Step into the enchanting world of Moonlit Groove Affair, where the night sky meets the dancefloor, and rhythmic beats serenade the moon. Join us for an evening of elegance and groove as Eveny Club transforms into a celestial haven under the moonlit glow.

Indulge in a selection of moonlit-inspired cocktails crafted by our expert mixologists. Sip on libations that mirror the beauty of the moonlit night, adding a touch of celestial flavor to your experience.

How to Attend the Moonlit Groove Affair:

Secure your spot under the moonlit spell. Join us for an affair where the night unfolds in perfect harmony with the moon, and the groove takes center stage.

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Eveny Club Moonlit Groove Affair – Where Elegance Meets Moonlit Magic! 🌙🎵 #MoonlitGrooveAffair #CelestialDance #EvenyNights