Club Mixes

Dive into the pulsating beats and electric atmosphere of Eveny Club with our exclusive vinyl collection – “Eveny Club Mixes.” Immerse yourself in the energy of our most memorable parties, captured in the form of carefully curated mixes that transcend genres and elevate your music experience.

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  1. Cosmic Fusion by DJ Nova
  2. Urban Grooves by DJ Catalyst
  3. Euphoric Echoes by DJ Horizon
  4. Midnight Revelry by DJ Luna
  5. Retro Rhythms by DJ Pulse

Each mix is a journey, a sonic adventure that encapsulates the essence of Eveny’s vibrant nightlife. From the ethereal sounds of “Cosmic Fusion” to the rhythmic beats of “Urban Grooves,” let the vinyl spins transport you back to the heart of our unforgettable parties