DJ Nebula Beats

10/05/2024 5:00 pm – 11:45 pm EVENY CLUB – BERLIN

Prepare to be swept away on a cosmic journey as Eveny Club proudly introduces the Nebula Beats Cosmic Soirée – an evening curated by the celestial tunes of DJ Nebula Beats.

Event Highlights

DJ Nebula will transport you to the cosmos with a curated selection of celestial soundscapes.

Nebula-Inspired Visual Spectacle

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing visual spectacle inspired by nebulae and cosmic wonders. Eveny Club will transform into a celestial wonderland, enhancing the interstellar vibes of the night.

Cosmic Mixology Experience

Indulge in cosmic elixirs crafted specially for the Nebula Beats Cosmic Soirée. Sip on interstellar cocktails that mirror the cosmic energy of the night.

Interstellar Dancefloor Liberation

Let the beats guide your movements on the interstellar dancefloor. The night is a canvas for cosmic expression, and the dancefloor becomes a space for liberation and connection.

Nebula Beats Merchandise

Take home a piece of the cosmic magic with exclusive Nebula Beats merchandise. From limited edition apparel to cosmic accessories, it’s a chance to commemorate the celestial journey.

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How to Attend the Nebula Beats Cosmic Soirée:

Secure your spot in this cosmic celebration. Join us for an interstellar night where music, visuals, and energy converge to create an experience beyond imagination.

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